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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cardio Circuit

      Hey Everyone, I know a lot of people are looking for new workouts to try and here is one. If you dont have access to a gym, arent able to make it because of having kids, or just want a change from your everyday workouts, then this is a great circuit for you. I did this circuit outside in the driveway while my son rode his bike and the only equipment I had was my phone for a timer and a jump rope.

     The workout consists of 5 different exercises that consist of one round of the circuit. I did 5 rounds and was drenched.

-First exercise: 2 100 yd sprints
I just used my ipod running app to measure out 100 yd but if you dont have one then it should take you about 20 sec if your are doing a full out sprint to do each sone. After the sprints take a 20 second rest -->

-Second exercise: 1 min of switch lunges
You get in a lunge stance, jump, and then switch legs. Do this as quickly possible. When in the lunge stance make sure your knees arent going over toes. Rest 20 sec after the switch lunges -->

-Third exercise: Jump rope for 1 min
Pretty self explanatory, but jump rope as quick as possible for a min. Rest for 20 sec -->
-Fourth Exercise: High knees for one min
Stand straight up and drive your knees up as high and quick as possible. Rest for 20 sec -->

-Fourth Exercise: Jumping Jacks for 1 min
I am pretty sure you all have done jumping jacks before, but do them as quick as possible.

 After you finish all the exercises, take a min rest, and start the circuit over. I did it 5x but do it as many times as you can. To make this circuit effective, do the exercises as quick as you possibly can and try to go for the whole minute.

Have fun and get your sweat on.

Sheri Chanroo Gaskins

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