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Thursday, October 4, 2018

"All Them Curls"

One of the most common questions Tony and I get asked is about the boys' hair. Questions like what kind of products we use for them, how do we de-tangle their hair, and how do we keep it moisturized throughout the week, etc...?

I am not super fussy with their shampoo and conditioner, right now they just use the Sauve keratin shampoo and conditioner. I will also use a deep conditioner mask in their usually one for dry hair with argan oil and Moroccan oil. Tayden will usually play in the bathtub while the conditioner does it's job. And T knows to do his hair first, put the deep conditioner in, and then wash his body to allow the conditioner to work. Then as soon as the deep conditioner is washed out. I will use the Kinky Curly Knot Today de-tangler. I will take a good size and rub it throughout their and put it up in a top bun while they they get dressed.


Once they are dressed, I will comb their hair out. I comb it out in 4 sections and add more knot today as I start a section. They are used to combing their out and don't fuss or complain about it. Tayden will watch some Disney show and T will watch a movie on Netflix. They both love their hair and don't want to cut it, so I tell them this is part of the process to have their curls. If the other sections of their hair start to get dry (Tayden's hair dries really easily), I take a spray bottle with warm water and regular conditioner mixed together and spray those sections. It helps moisten the hair but also de-tangles as well too. As I finish section, I just put it in a braid while I do the rest. T's hair probably takes about 15 minutes and Tayden's takes about 20 minutes, just because I am extremely gentle with his. T washes his hair twice a week because he is so active with sports and he sweats a lot and it makes it much easier to comb out. Tayden washes his hair once or twice, depending on if he had swim that week or not.



After, I will take the braids out and I will take some of the pantene proV oil hydrating oil and run it through their hair and shape their hair how they usually wear it. T wears his with a curly bang look, we had it cut that way to give him a distinct shape. Tayden wears his pushed back and pulled out.


During the week in the mornings, I use the Cantu curl activator cream to keep it hydrated and reshape their curls after they sleep on it. This has been a new addition to our routine but I love it. We have been using this for the past two months and I can see a difference in their hair and maintaining their curls throughout the week.

 I hope some of these products work. Curls can be a lot of work but as long as you keep them moisturized during the week, they can look soo good. And of course, you go through a rough phase while the hair is growing to a length that looks good. The boys go to a real salon and get their hair cut while wet and cut for curls so it always looks neat.

Hope this helps and helps you keep 'all them curls' lol!


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

New Month, New Goals!

It's crazy to think it's already October! Crazy to think the year will be over in less than 90 days. January will come around and we will all set our new year goals and then by February we will forget about them. Around the middle of this year, I started doing monthly goals. I really love this because I am able to break down my big goals into smaller ones and manage them monthly. Every month, when I am able to cross something off my goal sheet, I not only feel great but I am one step closer to accomplishing my yearly goals. Instead of waiting until January, try setting some small goals you can accomplish this month. If you start today, imagine how much better you will feel in the new year. Prioritize you and keep yourself accountable by writing it down. Writing down your goals helps you to visualize the steps you want to accomplish and it commits it to memory. And if you are more into the tech goal setting, you can use the Notes on your phone. Throughout the month, look back at your goals and remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Lets make October a great month and a great start to our last 90 days of the 2018.

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