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Friday, September 30, 2016

#SGDoes30 (birthday party pics)

I know, I know, this will be the last post about the 30th birthday party. A lot of people were requesting pictures of the setup and the venue, so I wanted to oblige and actually post them this time. I know I've said I will post pictures of the boys' parties and I don't end up posting them (which I plan to post soon).

Let me give you some background of what I wanted for the party. I really wanted it to feel like a secret location and for people to feel like they were in a different city when they walked into the building. It took a while but I found the venue and I think it was everything I was looking for. It used to be a theater a long time ago and was gutted and turned into an event venue. It has concrete floors and original exposed brick on the back wall. It was extremely massive and just an empty canvas for us to work.

Ever since our trip to London, I've loved the colored doors you see so often there. I couldn't be happier that my party was behind these beautiful blue doors!

What you saw upon walking in.

The exposed brick wall, my beautiful arch, and the dj; straight back from the entrance.

If you know me, you know black and white is my thing so only fitting that the tables for eating had beautiful black and white stripes, glitter faux candles, and gold confetti that spelled out thirty on the tables.

I love, loved my dessert table. I mixed blush, gold, and black and white for my dessert table and it came out beautiful!

We did passed appetizers and service stations so people could customize their pasta and stir fry how they like it. It was really a hit, people loved having their food cooked to order.

We had a photobooth using the exposed brick wall as a background. This is me and the hubby playing around in our picture.

The other side was a lounge area with vintage chairs and trunks. I love decorating with vintage touches even in my own home so it only made sense that I added it into my birthday decor. We had blush uplighting on the walls to add the blush into the decor even more.

Group photo in the beginning of the party on the brick wall in front of the arch. We also had cocktail tables with gold sequined linens and square vases with faux black roses.

The gift table with black pendant banner and SG letters that were blush with sparkly gold glitter.

Us walking into the venue, I was so happy to see all the decor and seeing a lot of our friends and family!

And last but not least, my snapchat filter for the night. It was so fun seeing everyone use the filter. A really nice touch!

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing a peak into my 30th birthday! I had so much fun and it was great getting to relive it again through pictures!


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Be Your Own Motivation

Everyone won't always understand every goal we set for ourselves and they may not always agree so it's important you learn how to be your own motivation and your own cheerleader. In my case, I am just tired of talking about the same thing over and over again to other people so I prefer to challenge myself and set goals for my self.

I've mentioned before that it really has been a struggle with losing weight ever since I've had Tayden. There are a lot of things that factor into that which I wont get to deep into but they consist of multiple surgeries and hormone imbalance from fitness competing. I've had to give my body time to recoup from the intense training I put it through before. I would've loved to have been back in shape for my 30th birthday but I realize now that it'll be a process and a slow one at that. Not everyone will understand why and how you are doing something, so its important you have your own back. Ever since my birthday, I feel more motivated than before and I am hoping to start seeing some changes soon.

One thing I do to motivate myself, is I take before pictures and measurements. Not only does this give me a great reference point, it is also a huge reality check. When I look at those pics I see the real me right now, not me covered up in black slim illusion jeans or in body hugging workout leggings. I look at those pictures and it makes me more determined than ever to change the image looking back at me.

I also put a picture of my former body as my home screen on my cell phone. Of course, I may never be as slim as I was when I was competing but it helps motivate me when I am feeling tired or just don't feel like working out. When I go to turn my alarm off or hit snooze seeing that fit image makes me want to put in the necessary work.

I also set my self rewards. For example, if I eat clean and complete all the workouts Ive planned for the week I may go buy myself a new workout outfit. Mini rewards help keep you motivated and give you something to work towards each week. It will take a long time to reach my end goal and itll take a while to see any changes. Its much easier to take it a week at a time getting mini rewards along the way.

Lastly, its important to give yourself a break. We all have crazy schedules and a lot going on. Everything you set out to do won't always happen like you planned. And that's ok. Dont let something small turn into something big and ruin your progess as a whole, just shake it off and keep on pressing towards your goal.

Don't wait for Monday to start, make a plan and get started. There is no time like the present! I'm rooting for you!


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

10 Minute Makeup Routine

Raise your hand if you never feel like you get enough sleep and are always rushing out the door every morning, if you didn't raise your hand I'll raise mine for the both of us. I wish I could say I get the average 7-8 hours of sleep adults are recommended to have, but I am more in that 4 hour range. I am working on it, I promise. Most mornings I would just get up, brush my teeth, wash my face, and put on work out clothes, and drop my oldest off at school. The problem is not only do I feel tired and basically like crap, I look it too. I started taking an extra 10 minutes to do this routine before drop off and it honestly makes me feel a lot more put together. The great part about is, if I go to the gym after drop off, I look decent but dont end up with racoon eyes or look like I have a face full of makeup. This routine looks like I have no makeup on, its just me but better lol.

Here's what I use and I will list what brand I use as well:

Tinted SPF: This not only gives me a good layer SPF but also gives me a nice glowy base with a little bit of tint that helps make me look more awake.  (Dr. Dennis Gross Instant Radiance Sun Defense in medium- deep)

Concealer: I use concealer under my eyes to brighten, this makes an immediate difference. I have dark circles due to my aforementioned lack of rest and covering them up immediately makes me look less tired. I also put concealer on any blemishes or spots I have at the moment. The trick is to really blend out the edges so people can't tell you don't have foundation on. (Nars Radiant Concealer in Biscuit for under my eyes and Make Up Forever full cover concealer in 12 for spots and blemishes)

Loose Powder: I then dust skin toned loose powder all over my face. This sets my concealer and also gives the other areas of my face some light coverage as well. (Chanel Loose Powder in 3)

Tinted eyebrow gel: I set my eyebrows with tinted eyebrow gel. This not only holds my eyebrow hairs in place, but the gel also fills in any sparse areas very naturally and quickly. I don't have time for a full eyebrow routine that early in the morning. (Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted brow gel in Brunette)

Bronzer: For me bronzer is life. I literally love bronzer. I take bronzer and place it right under my cheek bone and on the temples. In my quick morning routine, I am using it as a contour and bronzer. It adds such a nice wash of color that really instantly makes you look more awake and put together. (Mac Skin Finish in Dark Deep or Chanel Les Beiges in the darkest color)

Lip Balm/Lip Gloss: I keep the lips really basic for my early mornings just an easy lip balm or lip gloss, nothing fancy and nothing too sticky. (Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm)

Waterproof Mascara: Last but certainly not least, I add a light coat of waterproof mascara to my top lashes. Mascara opens the eyes up and instantly makes you look more awake. I don't put too much because remember the key is to like you actually woke up like this. (Loreal Voluminous Waterpoof)

So remember being short on time, doesn't mean you cant still slay the day!




Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Year of Thirty

As you may have seen from snapchat stories or other social media posts, I just turned 30!! I'm not one to throw parties for myself (usually just the boys) but I decided 30 years of life was deserving of a fun shindig. I'll upload a blog post with some pics from the party as soon as I get all the pics back but I had an amazing time and I had a lot of fun with friends and family.

For me each birthday, is like a start of a new year. I like to plan things out that I want to accomplish before my next birthday. Its a good way to get re-motivated midway throughout the year. I know I haven't blogged in awhile so I decided to do a get to know me kind of blog with 30 different things you may or may not know about me so here goes (in no particular order):

1. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica. My whole family is Jamaican, both my mom and dad were born there also.
2. I have been married for 9 years (will be 10 years in march 2017). We got married when I was 20 years old.
3. We have two boys, Tony III (we call him T) who is 9 and Tayden who is 2 1/2. And for those wondering, we aren't trying for a girl (the shop is closed lol).
4. T was a preemie baby. I had him at 30 weeks and he spent 3 1/2 months in the NICU. He has a lot of food allergies and has eczema flair ups at times because of it.
5. Before I had T, I was on track for medical school. I have a bachelors in biomedical science and a masters in medical science. And I still do love medicine.
6. Before I had Tayden, I used to compete in fitness competitions. I competed in the bikini division.
7. Those said competitions, have really done a number on my body and it has been challenging after having Tayden to get where I want to be.
8. I tend to be a perfectionist, which is definitely a gift and a curse.
9. I am a quality over quantity type person, I'd rather have a small group of great friends than a million fake ones.
10. I love small details. Its sad that cards and random mini gifts are considered old school but I'm all about that life. I'm that friend that pics up cutesy gifts all the time when they remind me of a friend of mine.
11. I'm really goofy and love to play around. T and I are constantly playing tricks on Tony (the hubby)
12. I love to throw parties and get togethers. I love to see people socializing and having a good time.
13. I like working out and Ive always played sports growing up (track, basketball, volleyball).
14. I am very competitive. I will compete in just about anything lol.
15. I think its important to teach kids why something is wrong and not just say no they cant. That was my biggest pet peeve as a child so I try my best to teach the boys the reasoning behind my decisions.
16. I invest a lot of time into my kids. Its very tough sometimes and is a huge sacrifice of self but I think the reward is great!
17. I don't cook as much as I would like to but I am trying to be better about it.
18. I am very sweet and kind unless I feel like someone is disrespecting my family. That is one of the few things that tends to make me get mad.
19. Tony and I hang out like best friends. He truly is my homey.
20. My style is very tomboy chic, I wear a lot of jeans and t-shirts.
21. I only shop for clothes as a need arises because I don't buy new clothes when I am not happy with my body.
22. I can do my makeup really well, and I prefer the way I do it over getting it professionally done.
23. I don't cry in front of people very often. I tend to hold things in and be very tough.
24. Tony and I never had a wedding. But at the time, that wasn't important to us. We weren't interested in spending money that we didn't have. We went to the courthouse and were married and the rest is history.
25. I don't have a nanny and never had one. Nothing against them, I've just always been hands on and I think those nanny stories of abuse really scare me. I think I would be in prison if someone hurt one of my kids.
26. God knew what he was doing giving me two boys. I am definitely a boy mom through and through.
27. I love giving gifts. I get more excited about the gift than the person receiving it lol.
28. I truly believe everything you go through shapes you and makes you stronger. I've been through a lot and I honestly wouldn't change it for the world.
29. I think jealousy and hate is so stupid. I cant stand when I see women hating on other women for no reason. I'm not about that life. Instead of hating on someone because of what they have or what they are doing, work harder so you can achieve what you want. We should be lifting up and supporting one another, instead of tearing each other down.
30. And last but not certainly least, God is the center of my life and our household. Having faith is something my mom taught me growing up. No matter how little money we may have had, my mom always had faith that God would work it out and he always does. And now as adults, we teach our son to be a leader and to let his life to be a light to others. He will always tell you, he is trying to shine for Jesus.

Of course there are a million facts that I could share, I just wrote whatever came to mind in the moment. Hope you enjoyed learning a few things about me.

Hope you guys have a great Tuesday!!!

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