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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

At Home Date Night Ideas

Besides the big things like communication, trust, and selflessness; keeping things fresh is almost equally as important. More often than not, while we are dating or in our first couple years of marriage we make a lot of effort and work really hard at our relationships but as time goes on we tend to do less and less. I can't stress how important it is to continue to work hard at your relationship even as life gets busier and our to do lists get longer and longer.

One thing Tony and I ALWAYS make a priority is date nights. Of course, going out for a date night is not always possible. But even if we aren't able to go out somewhere, we make a point to have a date night home. Date night is our time, so the kids are in bed, and phones are put on the charger on silent. No distractions, just our time.

Our latest obsession is charcuterie cheese boards. I will make one with our favorite type of meats, cheese, black olives, crackers and/or bread, grapes, and pickles. We will either pay for a movie that we both want to see on demand, or sometimes we just want to eat and talk about our day and just spend time with each other.

Another we like to do, is couples massages. We did buy a massage table online but that totally isn't necessary. This date night combines, quality time, physical touch and acts of service in one. That's three of the four love languages in one date night. We grab our favorite massage oils, turn on soundscapes and we take turns giving one another a massage. Not only do the massages feel good, the physical touch, is an amazing way to really feel your partners love and it does a great job of restoring love that can sometimes get hidden during the business of the week.

Hope you guys take the time this week to either go out for a date night or spend a date night at home with your significant other! Relationships don't stay happy, its all about the work you put in. You get out what you put in, so do the work.

Happy Tuesday Yall!

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