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Wednesday, October 10, 2012



Hey Everyone!! 
I'm back with a track workout for you all. I ABSolutely love doing track workouts. They are great for a number of reasons! I love them because sprinting does amazing things for your abs and because workouts done on the track are usually high intensity and are great for fat loss. 

I filmed most of the workout but it was really windy so some of the speaking portions are hard to hear so I will also write out the workout so you know what Im saying in the video :)!

Track workout:

*Warm up: jog an 800 (2 laps around the track), very easy pace just getting your blood flowing.
*1 round:
-Run one 400 (one lap around)
-Do one set of bleachers --> going all the way down and up each row until you     reach the end and jog back to where you started 
-Do this 3 more times for a total of 4 rounds 
*After all 4 rounds are completed go back down to the track and do four 100m sprints (the straight portion of the track). After each sprint you do an active rest by walking back to where you started and as soon as you get back, you sprint again.

Once you finish all four sprints, your done!!!


Thanks for watching and have a great workout!!!
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