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Sunday, May 19, 2013

I Believe You Can.... And I Want You to...

 Hey guys!
 I hope everything is going well. Last week I tweeted: Make prayer your first response not your last resort, not knowing my pastor and I would be on the same accord this coming Sunday. I tweeted it as a reminder to me and to share it with you all as well.

It's so easy to try do to it all on your own, or try to at least. We often get so caught up racking our brain with 'possible solutions' when we have a problem, before we turn to God. What we fail to realize is that without God, we are helpless, we ARE NOT able to do it on our own. For example, you realize you are going to be short on a bill; and you start thinking of all the people you can ask to borrow the money. We dont turn to God until all of our own options have run out. We could save so much time and effort, if we prayed before anything else. Of course, God won't drop money out of the sky, but he will touch someone's heart to be a blessing to you before you can even ask.

Any prayer is great and is a good start but it's important to pray with confidence and truly believe that God can and will do what you ask of him. More times than we not, we pray out of routine and don't truly believe. Try incorporating these phrases into your prayer life: I believe you can... and I want you too...

I was talking to my son about this and teaching him how to pray using these words and really believe what he is asking for. Tonight he prayed: 'God I believe you can heal my skin and allergies and I want you to heal me.' It's as simple as that. You let God know you believe he can do it and that you want Him to do it.

Prayer builds a relationship with God and opens the door for him to speak into your life. Dont get so caught up trying to live YOUR life that you forget to live the life God has planned for you, because believe me I can guarantee His life is much better. So tomorrow, as soon as you open your eyes Thank God for another day and believe him for strength to make it through the day. Don't forget to also incorporate prayer in your free moments during the day.

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  1. Hi Sherri,

    Thank you for encouraging messages. It helps me a lot :)

    Stay bless

    Love from Paris


    1. Hi Betty,
      You are so welcome. Thanks for reading :)!

  2. Wow! I believe this to be true with a lot of people. We turn to God last & turn to what is said to be logical first. Great post Sheri!

  3. With this I have no doubt that am on the right side!Prayers helps me a lot and I will never do anything without it.I will follow your foot steps to write and post on my blog on my own experience in prayers.*IFE*

    1. Hi Adewusi,

      Awesome! Prayer definitely changes things!


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