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Friday, September 30, 2016

#SGDoes30 (birthday party pics)

I know, I know, this will be the last post about the 30th birthday party. A lot of people were requesting pictures of the setup and the venue, so I wanted to oblige and actually post them this time. I know I've said I will post pictures of the boys' parties and I don't end up posting them (which I plan to post soon).

Let me give you some background of what I wanted for the party. I really wanted it to feel like a secret location and for people to feel like they were in a different city when they walked into the building. It took a while but I found the venue and I think it was everything I was looking for. It used to be a theater a long time ago and was gutted and turned into an event venue. It has concrete floors and original exposed brick on the back wall. It was extremely massive and just an empty canvas for us to work.

Ever since our trip to London, I've loved the colored doors you see so often there. I couldn't be happier that my party was behind these beautiful blue doors!

What you saw upon walking in.

The exposed brick wall, my beautiful arch, and the dj; straight back from the entrance.

If you know me, you know black and white is my thing so only fitting that the tables for eating had beautiful black and white stripes, glitter faux candles, and gold confetti that spelled out thirty on the tables.

I love, loved my dessert table. I mixed blush, gold, and black and white for my dessert table and it came out beautiful!

We did passed appetizers and service stations so people could customize their pasta and stir fry how they like it. It was really a hit, people loved having their food cooked to order.

We had a photobooth using the exposed brick wall as a background. This is me and the hubby playing around in our picture.

The other side was a lounge area with vintage chairs and trunks. I love decorating with vintage touches even in my own home so it only made sense that I added it into my birthday decor. We had blush uplighting on the walls to add the blush into the decor even more.

Group photo in the beginning of the party on the brick wall in front of the arch. We also had cocktail tables with gold sequined linens and square vases with faux black roses.

The gift table with black pendant banner and SG letters that were blush with sparkly gold glitter.

Us walking into the venue, I was so happy to see all the decor and seeing a lot of our friends and family!

And last but not least, my snapchat filter for the night. It was so fun seeing everyone use the filter. A really nice touch!

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing a peak into my 30th birthday! I had so much fun and it was great getting to relive it again through pictures!


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