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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Keeping Up With This Crazy Thing Called Life

Let me preface this by saying, I am definitely not perfect and a lot of days I feel like I need a do-over because it seems like nothing is going right. When someone asks me how I am doing, usually my response is good but really busy. Most days I am doing three million and one things and my days are really long. It's tough have kids with extremely busy schedules that have you running across town all day every day, but there are ways to get things done. I'm going to share with you some of the things that help me stay organized with this crazy schedule I have.

-Everything is better with a plan!
Of course things won't always fit the plan but it is best to write down or type in (if you use a digital calendar) your schedule for the current and upcoming weeks. Include everything you possibly can, school plays, workouts, sports practice, date night etc... Visually seeing my schedule for the next days helps me mentally prepare and stay focused on what needs to get done.

-Fit it in, when you can.
If you are waiting for the perfect opportunity to get things done, you won't get to accomplish anything. I'm all about multitasking and using my time as best as I can. I'll do my devotion in the car, while waiting to pick up Tayden or while waiting for T's soccer practice to start. Sometimes if I wasnt able to get a run in earlier in the day, I'll do a 45 minute run (while pushing Tayden) during the first half of soccer practice. While it may not feel like the ideal situation, don't be scared to make your schedule work for you and not the other way around.

-Cut Out The Extra.
For me, my schedule is pretty full. I have goals and things I want to accomplish so when I have free time, I am working on a blog, coming up with new ideas, or something to that effect. I don't spend hours watching all the hot new tv shows or etc... Yes its great to have down time, but sometimes you have to prioritize and determine whats really important.

-Cut yourself Some Slack.
Everything won't always go perfect and you have to be ok with that. Don't beat yourself up about it. Reasses, reschedule, and remember tomorrow is a new day. If you get stressed out and bring that into the next day, it'll just start a negative cycle that is going to distract you from accomplishing what you want to accomplish.

Hope these tips help you plan your days and get stuff done! Ill be posting more soon!

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