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Monday, January 2, 2017

2017: We Got This!

It's a new year, which always brings re-evaluation of what we want or need to change in our lives and gives us some new mojo to get it done. This year, I've made some changes in how I've wrote the things I want to change and I wanted to share a few of those tips with you.

1. Be More Specific
Sometimes when we make our goals to general, its hard to track whether we are accomplishing them or not. Last year, I wanted to read more but that's all I wrote. Does that mean, one book every two months, every six months etc? This year I've made the goal more specific and changed it to reading one book a month. Now with a more specific goal, it's easier to stay on track and easier for me to keep up with it.

2. Realistic Goals
When we make our goals too lofty as the year progresses we realize the goal is next to impossible and we give up on it. Yes you may have every intention to work out every day but life happens and you have to account for that.

3. Look Back At It (pun intended lol)
It's not enough to just write your goals down and then never look at them for the rest of the year. Reread your goals every day. Its a daily motivation to keep going and keep working. As you accomplish things it will increase your motivation. SN: I've started a bullet journal and I am pretty obsessed so far. (Journal I am using for mine: http://amzn.to/2ivBCFl)

4. Change Is Ok.
In a course of year, life can change drastically. A goal that you wrote down at the beginning of the year may not be applicable by the middle of the year and that's ok. Its ok to change and modify things as life changes. Adjust your goals to fit your new path and keep working.

2017 we're coming for you, let's get it!


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  1. I just had this convo. I looked at my vision board from earlier in the year, and it was all vague things like "healthier, follow your dreams," type of stuff. I plan to get much more specific going forward.


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