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Monday, May 1, 2017

LIFE... Updates

It seems like it has been forever since I have written a blog and I have missed it a lot. I don't really blog for any reason other than it's a creative outlet that I enjoy doing and I love sharing pictures or tips that may help even one person. Sometimes life gets so crazy and I put too much pressure on myself to have a certain amount of blogs done and if I don't get to do it, it discourages me and I feel like I have 'failed'. I am learning (albeit slowly lol) that I blog because I want to and everything wont be perfect all the time. I asked on instagram stories last week if you guy would be interested in seeing some blogs and/or vlogs again and a lot of you all sent me messages telling me that you would. Thank you for all your kind and encouraging words, they mean the world!

Now for some updates, I now have a 3 year old and a 10 year old now. 10 years old, that just sounds crazy!!!! And we also celebrated our 10 year anniversary in March! Needless to say, the beginning of the year is a bit crazy for us, good crazy though. I will probably do a few flashback posts and upload some pics form the boys birthday parties and our anniversary celebrations. A lot of people have been asking for home tours, which is tough for me because I feel like our home is constantly a work in progress and I am constantly adding things here and there. But I'll do my best to show you our home currently. I have so many things I want to change and a lot of mini projects that I want to work on around the summer so hopefully I can bring you a long as I update things and work on all of our updates and DIY projects.

I am just excited to be back and hope you guys are glad to!

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