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Thursday, January 31, 2013



 I know its been forever since I posted but I have had a lot of things going on and I also have been organizing and prioritizing different things in my life. I will have a blog post updating you guys on some changes I've made really soon. I promise I am going to start blogging a lot more, its actually one of my new year resolutions :). I recently made my own chalkboard and I am obsessed with it lol. I wanted to share how I did it with you guys!

I have a seen a lot of people posting about chalkboards for a while now. Most people find an old picture frame at a goodwill or salvation army and paint it with chalkboard paint, but I did it a bit differently. I wanted a large chalk board and I couldn't find the size picture frame I wanted at all the stores I checked.

I stopped by my local home depot to see what my other options were. I found out that they sell wood that has black chalk board on one side. Its 2ftx4ft which is exactly what I was looking for.

I still wanted to have the picture frame look, so I took a look in the molding/paneling aisle and I found some cheap finished molding in white and cut it to fit the board. The molding was 66 cents a foot.

Once I got home, I painted the molding a turquoise color. I had some paint left over from the playroom project (cant wait to show you all in a blog soon) I am working on right and turquoise is my favorite color so it worked out perfectly! I then used liquid nails and attached the framing to the board. You can use whatever strong glue you have at the house, gorilla glue etc... Let it dry and you have your own customized large chalkboard for less than 20 dollars :)! Crayola chalk is the best to use. I got a white pack and colored pack for $1 a piece at Michaels.

We are now obsessed with chalkboards in our house! I made a chalkboard wall in the playroom and we are now thinking of painting a chalkboard wall in the kitchen to keep up with chores, groceries, dinner, etc...
I hope you guys have fun making your own chalkboard :)!!



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