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Friday, February 1, 2013


"The most important thing in life is knowing the most important things in life."

Hey Everyone!

See I told you I'd be blogging more ;)! I know its February and most people have already forgotten about their New Years Resolutions, but really they should only be just beginning. I want to tell you about what's been going on in my life and some changes that I've made not only for New Years but for a lifetime.

So often ( especially as women ) we get so caught up trying to be superwomen, we have a million and one things on our plate and we are playing catch up each and every day. But guess what, when you live like that you become a jack of all trades and a master of none. You get by and do everything at an average level but you cant be great at any one thing.

I tend to ALWAYS have a lot of things going on and it becomes really stressful. Right before the New Year, I had a huge breakdown. I called the hubby (he was out of town), and was just feeling like I wasn't doing anything 100%. We talked for a quite awhile and it really helped me put some things in perspective. I want to share some of those things with you.

It's ok to slow down.
Sometimes we are moving a mile a minute that we cant enjoy life and moments are passing by. I was so busy with my personal training schedule, I'd literally get home from picking my son up from school and be rushing to get his hw and dinner done so I could head out to meet a client. Every day became such a monotonous  routine that I was missing things going on with my son and husband. These are moments I used to cherish and now they were just passing by.

1st Priority CEO of home.
When you choose to become a wife and a mother, your role as a woman changes whether you like it or not. I am not saying women cant have their own companies, etc, but I am saying your first position should be CEO of home. You cant be building outside companies while your inside one is falling down. I decided I would cut out in-person training for right now and just focus on my virtual training and the blogging portion of my company so that I could make my own schedule and my family and home could come first. I have started doing this for the last month and I absolutely love it!! I have been doing so many different projects to enhance my home and my family. My first project has been converting our garage into a playroom for my son. I didnt even realize how much I love doing DIY projects and I am officially obsessed. Pinterest has been my new best friend lol. I cant wait to share all of the things I have been working on. Now I have so much more energy and I feel like I am in control of my life.

Look at the bigger picture
My husband has been wanting another baby since my son was about two. He was a preemie baby so we weren't able to do it right then, but even when my son was on a more normal schedule I still wasnt ready. When I took time to think about why I didnt want another baby, I realized it was because I was worried about what that would do for my company, how it would change my freedom, etc... Now even writing that looks crazy because anyone who knows me knows I LOVE being a mom! So for the big news of this blog, wait for it... lol: We are officially trying for another baby. Praying God blesses us with a little girl but either way we will be ecstatic.

I hope this helped out a bit. Shortly after the conversation with my husband, I had a coffee date with a good friend and she was suprisingly going through a similar situation. I realized that a lot of women struggle with this and I decided I would be open about my situation and I hope it can be a blessing for you.




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  1. Congratulations to you Sheri! I believe that taking care of home... rather that be with or without children is the biggest contribution you can give to society. The old saying that "Charity Starts At Home" is true words of wisdom!

    I look forward to seeing your project pictures when you get around to posting them. Blessings and prayers for you and your hubby on adding a new edition to your family. God Bless! :-)

    - The Kitchen Buddy


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