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Monday, April 8, 2013

Keepin' It Spicy


Hey Everyone!

I hope you had a fab weekend! We def had a blast and spent some quality time as a family which is always great. 

Quite often with time things that used to excite us begin to lose their thrill. That same concept happens in relationships ( I know, I know, common sense right?). Well obviously not, because people tend to forget about the spice in their relationship.

Spice is the thing that keeps you attracted to your partner after years and years of being together. It's the thing that gives you butterflies when you have date nights, reminiscent of a first date. When there is no spice in your relationship, it becomes a business partnership and you are both just coexisting. It takes extra work, to keep things flowing but it is so worth it!

My tips to keep it SPICY:

1. Set aside date nights. It's so important to have at least one night a week that is just for you two. Put the phones down and just enjoy each others company. A date night doesn't mean it has to cost money; grab a redbox, pop some popcorn, and have a movie night at home.

2. Go the extra mile. Date nights are great, but don't let them get boring and don't do the same thing every time. Spice it up from time to time. For our anniversary a few weeks ago, I surprised my hubby by booking a night at a nice hotel with the romance package. I added some candles, chocolate covered strawberries, and a new outfit from Vickie Secrets to make the night complete. He loved the surprise and it made him feel really special!

3. Include them in some of your weekly or daily routines. I just did a blog on my pamper routine and I usually do those on Wednesday night and Sunday night. Well the Sunday night one, I share with my hubby. We do a facial and enjoy a bubble bath together. It is so relaxing and we just take the time to talk and spend quality time. They now have become our weekly routine and we look forward to it every week.

 4. Step out of your comfort zone. If your partner has something special that they like to do that isn't necessarily your thing, step out of what's comfortable for you and enjoy it for them. The more things you can do together, strengthens the bond you guys share.

Relationships take work, but if you put in the work, it can be like hanging out with your best friend every day!

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