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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Get Fit Basics!

Hey everyone!!

I hope you guys are having a fab Wednesday, mine was spent at home with my oldest recovering from a 24 hour bug and baby Tayden messing up everything I cleaned lol. As you know from my 2016 goals post, I am working out again. I wanted to share a few things I really like to use when I am training and that I recently purchased or repurchased to get me back in the game.

Neoprene waist wrap and shorts: I order these from amazon. I use these when I am doing cardio at home. I am the kind of person that loves to get a good sweat when I train and I feel like these really help release excess water in my thighs and stomach region.

Fit Bit: I recently purchased this and I like this for every day use. Its pretty cool to see how many steps I am taking during my daily life

Polar FT4: I have had this for quite a few years and I am sure this is the older version of it, but I just purchased a new chest strap and batteries for it. I love this for when I am training. I love to see how many calories I am burning and keep track of my heart rate.

Water: this is obvious, but I love to drink tons of water. The more water you drink the less excess water your body will retain. I try to drink close to a gallon each day.

Sports bras: These are from Target and I love them. They are super comfortable and inexpensive which is nice when you are working out every day and need a ton of them.

Women's Health Big Book of Exercises (not pictured): this book has a ton of different weight workouts for different parts of the body. Great for beginners and even for those who are more experienced and want to incorporate different workouts they may have not tried yet.

I hope this helps and some of you find some of these things useful!


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  1. Hey Sheri,

    Hope Lil 'T' gets better! I'm starting back up working out myself. I will purchase one if the Fit Bit I always wanted one! Keep Blogging Sis! Love U and the Fam😘✊🏼🌹 Peace & Blessings!


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