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Monday, January 4, 2016

HELLO 2016!

Hey Everyone,

Happy New Year, Hello 2016!

I hope you guys are doing well and are having a great start to the new year. Whenever the new year is coming around, I always have the big debate on whether or not I am going to do new years resolutions or not. I almost feel like resolutions are almost a set up for not getting anything done. I decided this year, I will call them my new years goals. I am a big goal setter and I feel like it'll help me actually get more things done on my list. I wanted to share my top 3 goals this year hoping that it will keep me more accountable and also share some of the new tips I am implementing to help get things done this year. And yes (to the big elephant in the room), I am back blogging!! Time to get my ish together and stay consistent.

Ok, first Ill start with some of the new things I am implementing this year. 
       I decided this year I would make goals for the year, which I have, and then for each month make monthly goals. I think breaking down the big goals into small goals each month will help me actually reach my goals. Sometimes we make such big lofty goals but dont give ourselves a plan or direction to get there, so this is my way of doing that.
       I found some lists online that I have been using. I found them here: (New Year printables). The end goals one I use for my yearly goals. The new years resolutions chart one is the one that I use for my monthly goals each month. 
       Get a new planner or agenda. For me writing lists and being able to check things off when I accomplish them is huge and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I also have set mini goals and rewards for myself for reaching certain points towards my main goal. These things are things that I obviously could get for myself right now but forcing myself to wait until I reach a certain goal helps me stay focused and get things done.
        This year, I am also trying to  work smarter not harder. Sometimes we get so caught up on doing so much and looking busy that we don't ever get anything done. Having two kids and one that is home with me has definitely made getting stuff done a tad more difficult. But, I realized I just need to change my mindset. Its not that I don't have enough time, I just need to prioritize and make better use of the time I do have.

Like I mentioned, here are my top 3 goals this year:

1. Get back in the shape I want to be in and also enjoy running and working out again. Before getting pregnant with Tayden, I was a bikini competitor and was training extremely hard like 3x a day, 5 hours a day; needless to say I lost the love of working out because I was being forced to workout to the point of utter exhaustion. And then I got extremely sick and was on bed rest for 4 months. As soon as I was cleared, I got pregnant with Tayden. So things piled on, my metabolism was shot from competing and then I had a high risk pregnancy and couldn't work out at all, so it has been a battle. I am determined to take it a day at a time and do things that I enjoy to get back in shape.

2. Being more consistent. This is pretty self explanatory but I just want to be more consistent with the things I have started. I tend to start strong but then I allow myself to make excuses to why I cant get things done. And of course, there are always reasons and things that come up but I have to prove to myself that I can get things done regardless. 

3. Stop being afraid to fail. There are so many ideas I have and things that I want to accomplish but I let fear hold me back from actually doing them. For example, even with blogging. I fear that no one will be interested in things that I have to say so I don't post. But Ive come to realize that I have to do things for me and because I want to do it and getting it done is a success in itself.

I hope this helps you with your own new year goals!



  1. All of the above Mrs. Sheri!!! Great goals!

  2. Hey Sheri,

    You listed three important goals. I will be with you in working out and getting in shape. I joined the gym in August got a trainer and nutrienist and was doing good until my mom got sicker and passed on Nov 27th. I am determined to get back in the gym this month.

    I also want to finish my book I Ben saying it and have not completed it so that's on my radar. I have few other realistic goals I set for myself this year as well. So your not alone and will be checking into your blog for encouragement as well! Happy New Year to You & the Fam! Peace, Love & Blessings!❤️���� Lisa!

  3. Hello,

    I pray that you accomplish all of your goals Sheri.
    Personally I want to be more consistent with my 2016 goals as well.
    I look forward to seeing a better you. Thank you for blogging.


  4. So excited and now really motivated thanks for sharing!!!

  5. So excited to follow your blog this year! I just ordered my planner last night so that I can do the same, make plans for my goals. I like the idea of adding rewards for when I reach those goals!

  6. Awesome! These are some of my main goals as well:-)

  7. Awesome goals, really liking the monthly one! Enjoy reading your blogs, thanks for sharing:-)


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