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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Random Facts About Me

I know a lot of you all know the basic things about me from social media or from Tony so I thought I would share some random facts about myself that I know very few people know. I hope it allows you to get to know me a little better.

1. I don't like taking pictures of myself.
If you look at any of my social media pages, it's very rare that you will see a picture of me by myself or a selfie shot. The only seflie shots I may take are with Tony. Even when Tony takes pics of me, 90% of the time I don't like them and won't even save them. If I'm honest with myself, I feel like this started after I had Tayden. Tayden is 4 now but I still don't feel like myself so when I take pics or see pics of myself, I always find something I don't like in the picture. This is probably why I haven't filmed any youtube videos in forever but it is definitely something I am working on. I am forcing myself to do things that make me feel uncomfortable, definitely a work in progress.

2. I'm very competitive.
 When I say competitive, I mean really competitive lol. If Tony and I playing are anything, from uno to swimming laps in the pool, I want to win. And I will admit, I can be a bit of a sore loser if I lose. I think that's why I have always played sports and have to be active, I have to release some of that competitive nature somewhere.

3. I originally was going to medical school.
My bachelors degree is in Biomedical science and I did a one year masters called Medical Science which was the curriculum of the first year of med school. I had always planned to go medical school before having little Tony. He was a preemie baby born 2 1/2 months premature and it changed my life forever. I needed to be there for him more than the average kid and I couldn't imagine not being there like I needed to be while in medical school so I put it on hold. And to be honest, it's something I don't regret. During that time, I was able to learn so much more about myself and discover so many things I am more passionate about that I never had the chance to explore. I will always love medicine and it will always have special place in my heart and maybe one day I'll revisit it in some capacity.

4. I don't have a lot of friends.
You will probably rarely see me with a huge group of girls on a girl trip or something like that. I'm more about quality over quantity. I don't let people get to close to me very easily but if I do, we will be best friends for life. The friends I do have, know I have their back no matter what and that I would give them the shirt of my back if they needed it.

5. I am a tomboy through and through.
You may have noticed but you will rarely see me in heels and dresses. I don't feel all that comfortable in them. My go to outfit more often than not, is jeans and a t-shirt. I have ways to dress it down and up depending on the occasion. Of course I do wear heels and will wear dresses from time to time but I am most me in a t-shirt lol. True story, before I met Tony I was the opposite of a domestic goddess. I was always playing sports my whole life so I never really learned how to cook, take care of the house etc... I learned all that stuff after we got married and some things I am still learning. Thankfully, Tony is an amazing husband and doesn't come home expecting me to have cooked every single night and he doesn't mind cooking if I don't feel like it.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit more and if you have enjoyed this let me know and I will do them from time to time.



  1. Thank you for sharing! YES we would love to hear more. Your Blogs are encouraging ♥️
    This blog is 95% totally me. Everything except the competitive side. Lol, I’m more of the person that enjoy watching the sport and cheering on the competition. More like the “hype man” ��
    Amazing Blog Sherri ��

    1. Lol the hype man is necessary too lol. Thanks for the feedback and support, I appreciate that!

  2. Wow! I really enjoyed learning more about you. I think you’re very brave to share your truth with the world. Especially knowing how cruel some people can be. I have to admit before reading this I had my own perception of who I thought you were. In my mind somehow I convinced myself you must be perfect. Even though I know there’s no such thing lol. This has really helped me to embrace who I really am. I want to thank you Sheri for letting us in and I hope you continue to share. ❤️

    1. You are right, definitely no such thing. And thanks so much for the positive support and feedback, means the world!

  3. I love this website between this website and your husbands channel speaking on various of life things . It has really helped so much and this is just online public speaking i have not had any coaching so just imagine a personal session You guys are truly a blessing ❤️


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