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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Choose To Be Thankful!

In this society, it's easy to take things for granted and not to appreciate things we consider as small or standard. Recently, I watched the documentary 'Daughters of Destiny' on Netflix. I am not rating in on it's cinematic quality or things of that sort but I enjoyed the documentary and for me it home. I am Jamaican, and my dad's side is Indian Jamaican. A lot of the things my dad wanted for me and our sisters, I could see where it came from in this documentary.

The documentary is about a school in India called Shanti Bhavan. This school was created by a man who sold his company in the US and used all his money to fund it. It is for children of the lowest caste in India. This school takes these kids from preschoolers and gives them access to education until they finish college. They live there and go home on winter and summer breaks. The idea is for them to make it to college, get a good job, and help take care of their family. They can only take one child per family so oftentimes there are siblings who have been left behind. Their families barely have money for food, do back breaking work, and sleep on a blanket on the floor. For the full story, I recommend you watch the documentary.

The sad part is we are given so many things here that we tend to take for granted. We are given the chance to get an education and most kids complain so much about hating school. We have jobs that we complain about going to every day.

I write this post really to remind you that no matter what you are going through, you have a million and one reasons to be thankful. Be thankful for somewhere to sleep. Be thankful for that job that you think is the worst. Be thankful for food to eat. Be thankful for that school you hate going to. Be thankful you aren't forced into marriage at 14 and that being beat on isn't considered customary. I promise if you had to live like some people do around the world, it would help you appreciate life so much more. Take a moment as soon as you wake up to find a couple reasons to be thankful. A spirit of gratefulness to start your day will change your outlook for the rest of the day. Choose to be thankful!


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