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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

6 Years and Counting

Hey Everyone!
I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and a great start to your week. T is on spring break this week so I have been doing activities with him all day yesterday and today.

Next Saturday, will be me and my hunny's 6 year anniversary. That may not be long for some people but in our generation and time it seems like people are getting married and after a year they are ready for a divorce. Not only have we been married for 6 years but he literally is my best friend. We haven't got in an argument in years. Im not joking, I literally can't remember the last time we had one. I say this to say, we are truly happy and we hang out like homies every chance we can.

I wanted to share some of the things that I believe have kept us happily married.

1. Communication
We are very open with each other. From the moment I meant Tony, he has always been honest whether you want to hear it or not lol. He talks to a ton of people every day, girls included, but because he is honest I know about women he has had to stop coaching because of inappropriate comments, etc... We tell each other about our day, each and every day, whether we are together or apart.

2. Let it Go
Every issue isn't worth fighting about. A long time ago, we came up with this: If it's not worth getting a divorce over, why fight about it? Of course, we are human and certain things may bother us from time to time, but if it's not a kingdom issue then we just take a second and LET IT GO. Ladies, if your man is working all day, do you think he wants to come to a nagging wife? I meet so many girls that want to nit-pick about every issue with their partner. If you have something you really want them to change, then have a discussion about it with them but complaining about trivial issues day in and day out will get you left for the next. Sorry, just keeping it real. I know I don't want to hear complaining all day about little stuff and I know he feels the same way.

3. Stop expecting perfection
Don't get caught up looking for some prince charming you see depicted on reality tv. No one is perfect, including you. So often we get so caught up on the things you think your partner isn't doing for you that you don't appreciate the things they do. Tony is an amazing husband, he would give me the world without a second thought, but guess what he sometimes forgets to open doors for me lol. He doesn't always forget but when he does its not a big deal. My husband is faithful, a hard worker, and treats me like queen. It really doesn't get any better than that. When you choose to look for the good in your relationship, you and your partner will both be happier.

4. Keep It Fresh
I know this may be a touchy subject, especially for women. But let me be real: men are visual creatures. So often, I hear women saying, I don't have to get dressed up or work out, I'm not trying to catch anyone. The same effort you put into finding your partner is the same effort you should put into keeping them. Keep your body in shape, get dressed up, still wear makeup, do your hair, etc... He can love you with every ounce of him but if he is not attracted you, it means he is going to look else where. Like I said in my previous post, I am the queen of change up. I am constantly changing it up and my hubby loves it. Right when he might be getting comfortable, I do something to my hair, get new makeup, or buy some new clothes and its like getting to be married to a new person. 

Stay Fab,
Sheri <3




  1. Great post! Very inspiring and truthful.Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hello! I read your husband's book Mrs. Right and LOVED! it. He mentioned your twitter/blog and let me just say l LOVE IT lol. I started reading and the next thing I know I'm done! Please keep them coming. l love reading blogs from intelligent, God-fearing women with style! Thanks so much and look forward to reading more. God bless you and your lovely family!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! Ill definitely keep them coming :)!


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