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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life SHOULD Change After Kids

Hey Everyone!

I hope everything is great! Sorry for the infrequent posts last week. Little Tony was on spring break so my days were spent with him hanging out and having family fun nights.

I know everyone may not have kids that read this blog but I still wanted to do this post. I see soooooo (I really could put o's for days but I think you get the point) many people having kids and acting like it's no big deal. Well news flash it is! Having a child is a huge deal and its a huge responsibility that you now have for the rest of your life.

I feel like children are a blessing from God (I know everyone says that), but they are. I feel like if you are blessed enough to have them its your job to raise them in a way that would be pleasing to Him. You are raising the future president, CEO, government official, etc...

So to my point, when you have kids your life SHOULD change. If it doesnt, you are honestly doing something wrong. You should no longer be watching the same shows you may or may not have been watching before you had them in front of them. If you cursed like a sailor prior to children, you should probably rethink your word usage when they come. If you went out every single weekend, that definitely should and will change. 

Your children didn't ask to be here, you chose to have them or chose to engage in 'some action' that brought them here. Your children look up to you as an example of the behavior they should and shouldn't engage in.

I take parenting so seriously and it literally breaks my heart when I see people that are abusing that privilege. It is a huge sacrifice but it's honestly worth every bit of it. When you do things that affect your child in a negative way, its not just you that is hurting.

If you happen to be a single mom and are dating, be careful of how many men you bring around your daughters. They dont understand the dynamics of dating so to them it looks like its normal to have men in and out of your life. If your children watch you in abusive relationships day in and out, they will assume that this how a normal relationship is and they will expect that for their future.

I know this may be a long-winded rant but I write all this to say, if you don't have kids and aren't ready to change the way you live drastically then please don't have them until you are. And secondly, if you do have kids think about your kids before anything you do. Your life is no longer your own, so please consider all people involved.

Stay Fab <3,


  1. Hi Melanie,
    Shoot me an email: getfabnfit@gmail.com.

  2. Great post! I’m saving your blog in my favorites :-) don’t forget to post some of your DIY home projects… I can’t speak for all ladies but most of us (me..hehehe) LOVE seeing that sort of thing and being inspired by others creativity. God Bless!


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