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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Woman Doesnt Equal Weak

Hey Everyone!

Last week when I was at breakfast with my hubby we were talking about relationships and about women in general. One thing he always talks about in his seminars is my strength. It helped him change. My strength and confidence in myself forced him to step up to the plate or walk out the door. I didn't have a middle option and he knew it. 

I find so many women are settling and allowing men to treat them in ways that they shouldn't. Growing up, I was a 3 sport student athlete and did very well academically. I was extremely busy and thought of boys/men as an accessory not a necessity. I didnt NEED to have a guy in my life and that carried over into adulthood.

When Tony and I were dating, he always used to say I date like a dude. I was never waiting for him to call and I really rarely ever called him. If we got in an argument, I was the kind of girl that had NO PROBLEM not answering the phone. I would put my phone under the bed and go on about my day. In the very beginning of our relationship, I felt like he was questioning me too much about certain things so I told him that we couldn't be together and I moved on with my life and didn't look back. He began to realize that I loved myself so much that I wouldn't settle for anything less.

When our paths crossed about a year later, he knew what standard I expected and if he wanted us to be together that's what it would take. And guess what happened? He stepped up to the plate. So many girls NEED a man or WANT a man in their life so bad, that they are scared to stand up for what they deserve. You have to realize that any man you are with should strive to love you like Jesus loved the church, if he doesn't than he shouldn't be in your life.

I am not saying that he has to be perfect because of course no one is, but certain things are not up for negotiation for me. Before going in to a relationship, spend some time with yourself. Set standards for the things you expect and dont expect in a relationship. Things on my list were: must love God, can't disrespect me (curse at me, call me out of my name), no cheating, keep his word, etc... 

I write all of this to say: a man will only give you what you show them you will take, show them you that deserve more and force them to step up to the plate. If they don't, then that isn't the person God has for you. 

Stay Fab,
Sheri <3
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  1. Sherri, you are showing women what non negotiable really means! Not to sit on the fence desperate to find love. The world needs more women like you to boldly speak their truth! Thank you!

    1. Thank you very much reading! Yes loving yourself first is definitely key.


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