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Monday, July 6, 2015

My Go To Lip Colors

Hey everyone!

I hope you had a great 4th of July weekend and had a great time celebrating with friends and family! Lately on my Instagram posts, people have been asking what lip color I am wearing in my pics. I have two go to lip looks that I wear 90% of the time. One is a bright classic red lip and the other is a my lips but better nude, both of which are long lasting and what I consider all nighters.

Classic Red:

My classic red is made up of two things, Mac Cherry lip liner and the Sephora brand long lasting lip stain in #1. I line my lip with Mac Cherry and then use the lip stain to fill in. The stain has a doe foot applicator so its much easier to be more precise when I use the lip liner as my border. Once you apply the lip stain, make sure its evenly distributed and then don't blot your lips or anything. I let the stain dry and then I'm good to go. It will last me all night through food and drinks, etc...

My lips but better nude:

I have two variations of this nude, a more mauve version and another version that is slightly lighter and leaning more towards to a slight pink. I start with Mac Soar lip liner. I line my lips but also fill in my lips with the liner as well. It provides a really good base and makes any lipstick I apply on top last all day and night. For the more mauve option, I apply Mac Brave lipstick on top of the lip liner. For the slightly lighter version, I apply Mac Velvet Teddy on top.

I have to say, I am low key obsessed with Soar lip liner and I really love the look it gives. It reminds me of the 90's and I am totally into that look right now.

I hope this helps and that one of these looks suits you as well. If you all have any other questions about any other looks or products I wear, let me know and I'll respond here :)!

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