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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Progress Not Perfection

Since I relaunched my blog at the very beginning of July, I've been working hard to get a blog post up every week day. I knew that schedule wouldn't be realistic forever and I would prob go to 3 days a week, but I wanted to start with a bang! If you are avid reader, you probably realized there wasn't a post this past Thursday, Friday, and Monday. At first, I was really upset about it but I soon realized that my goal isn't perfection. I am working on more discipline with my blog and I feel like I've definitely made progress in that way.

We had a lot of things going on this past weekend and I am so glad I enjoyed the moments and the quality time with family rather than trying to get work done. It's important to unplug when necessary. On Thursday, we were able to take T to the Soccer Gold Cup tournament. He plays competitive soccer and loves watching soccer. We watched Panama vs. Nicaragua and US vs. Martinique. It was a long day and night but so much fun!!

On Friday, we headed on a road trip down to my dad's house (he lives about 4 hours away from us) to spend time with family. I have two younger sisters, one is in her third year of medical school and the other one will be starting law school at NYU in the fall. They both were in town so it was great to spend time with them before everything gets really crazy when school starts. We had such a great time and even went to a Marlins game one of the days we were there. The kids love getting to spend time with them too.

Before beating yourself up about things not going exactly how you planned, take a second to recognize that progress is the goal. Take care of yourself and being okay with taking time off when necessary.


  1. In a world that has been successful in making perfection seem possible, when we all know that not one person alive is perfect. We get so caught up in thinking that business equals living life to the fullest. Being too busy to rest leads to depletion. And being too busy to spend time with your family causes disconnection and division. It is much needed to see a post from a loving wife and mother who cherishes her family and takes the time to show them this act of love often. Thank you Sheri for this blog post!!!!!!!
    Many Blessings,


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