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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Favorite Bath and Shower Products

 I'm sorry I have missed a couple days of posting, I am a little under the weather but I am trying to fight through it because I refuse to be sick right now lol. When I feel like this or even just had a not so fun day, I like to spend a few extra minutes pampering myself in the shower or bath for a fresh start. I'm not sure if it's just mental but I really feel like it lifts my spirits and changes my mood.

Here are some of my favorite things right now:

-Bath Soaks/Salts: this is just a brand I picked up from Marshall's and really any brand will do. I've repurchased this one because it really does help when I am sore from training. It has three different essential oils so it really soothes and relaxes you at the same time.

-Bath bombs: I feel like no bath is complete without a bath bomb. I have some from Lush and I love them. They have tons of different flavors and they all have different uses. Go check them out, I am sure you can find something you love.

-Soapy Faith soaps: I was sent these soaps and fell in love with them. Not only do they have the dopest concept and each of the soaps I sent were part of the fruits of the spirit line. One is love and the other is faith. They have coconut oil in them so your body feels moisturized after you use them. And of course, I love them because they are hypoallergenic so kids with eczema can use them. My oldest has eczema so it's always nice to find products that he can use as well. If you want to check out the soaps they have been kind enough to offer you guys a discount code for 20% off your entire purchase. Use the code: SGASKINS16 at checkout.

-Lush hot hand mask: I received this in a gift box for my birthday and I had to go purchase another one. So often we forget to give our hands the TLC they need. And after lifting weights, numerous loads of laundry, and dishes, my hands can use all the TLC they can get. I promise you, your hands will feel so moisturized and you will want to make this part of your new pamper routine.

So if your feeling a little blah and need a pick me up, try a nice hot bath with some of these items and I know you will feel better right away!

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