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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Picture Tour of Tayden's Room

Tayden is 2 and a 1/2 now and almost ready for a big boy room. If you follow me on snapchat then you already know this (if not you should be following me lol), but when he was a little over 1 he figured out how to climb out of his crib. Back then we had one of the lower modern cribs. He wasn't ready for a big boy bed so we gave his modern crib to my niece and bought him one of the traditional high back cribs. We turned the crib backwards with the high side facing out and the low side against the wall and he hasn't climbed out since. So that has been prolonging his big boy room progress which I am totally ok with. I wanted to share a picture tour of his room before I change it because I know a lot of people on snapchat love my home snaps.

We had the contractors smooth out the texture of the wall and add a chalkboard for him to draw on. He loves it! We put in a shelve that only we can reach with the chalk.
Above that is his shelf of vintage goodies. I got the vintage elephant and Noah's ark set from an estate sale. The brown box holds a birth certificate holder with mini holders for his hair and first tooth. They were passed down to Tayden from a friend who had them for her kids. I love infusing modern with vintage touches.
This shelf has been added to since his 1st birthday party. The blue doesn't really go with his room but  I wanted to save his memories from his first birthday. Behind the dog is a picture of when I was pregnant with him. And the little printable is really cute and talks about the rules of being a little man.

This is the high back crib I was talking about. I got the decals from urban walls decals and I put some on the crib to help tie everything in.
His changing table is basic, nothing really special. It was the same line as the modern crib. I use a label maker to label everything. He also has clear drawer bins in the closet for more storage. I use this Ikea kitchen cart for his body products, extra wipes, and extra pullups. And I use the Summer baby monitor and I really like it.
This little cube is from Ikea and stores extra skin care items and things we don't use very day. I think the bins are from Target. The sign here is his 2nd birthday sign from his party and we use the Crane humidifier in his room.
This is his reading nook. He loves to read books. He either sits in the lion chair and "reads" to himself or we sit in that white rocking chair and read him books. The ottoman stores his extra sheets and any books that don't fit in his book shelf. The lion was his brothers from a friend, the ottoman was from Home Goods, and I cant remember where the rocking chair was from.
These are some of his books, he loves being able to see them and pick which one he wants to read before the bed. Some of his books are in the playroom as well.
I wanted to show you guys these cute toddler shoe racks. I got them from the Container store and think they are absolutely adorable. The blue ones are elephants and the  green one is a frog. These make it easier for him to clean up his shoes and also get them himself when we are headed out.

I hope you all enjoyed getting a peak into Tayden's room. I plan to blog more home stuff from different areas in the house soon.


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