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Friday, October 21, 2016

How to Deal With A Spouse that Travels Alot

I am sure many of you know my husband travels quite a bit with his job. Some seasons are busier than others but at its peak he can be gone for a few weeks at a time or gone 5 days out of most weeks. A lot of women I meet and some write in asking about how I handle him being gone. Here are few things I do to help and hopefully they help you too!

1. Appreciate the time you do spend together. We literally are best friends and we try to hang out and spend as much as time as we can when he is home. We try to go on a date night at least once a week and we get dressed up and take it seriously. When you are with someone who travels a lot, cherishing the time you spend together makes all the difference!

2. Stay in contact but don't be a nag. We talk a lot via text or on the phone when we can when he is on the road. I always keep in mind that he is traveling for work and he is busy. I appreciate the time he can make for us to talk when he is on his work trips but I am not blowing up his phone out of insecurity or jealousy.

3. Focus on what he is doing versus what he isn't. Don't forget that your partner being away is to help pay your bills and keep your food on the table. So the next time you think to complain about him/her traveling, remind yourself of the opposite. You could be spending every waking second together with no money for your family.

4. Stay busy. If he is gone on a really long trip, I keep myself busy. I might do a DIY project at the house, spend extra time at the gym, or plan a lot of activities with the kids. If this is a part of your regular life, you cant be depressed and stop living because they are gone. Miss them but use it as a time to be productive as well.

Hope some of these tips help you.

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