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Monday, July 10, 2017

Just Beachin It!

I hope you guys had a great 4th of July with your family and friends and are now recovered and back to the normal grind. We have a pool at our house and normally will just have family and friends over and cook on the grill, but we decided to switch it up. We live near some really nice beaches and often take them for granted, so we decided to pack up and head out. Turned out to be a great idea and we all had an absolute blast.

We brought a canopy tent, filled up our coolers with lots of water, gatorade, and drinks. I bought cuban bread from Publix and made homemade mini turkey subs, such a hit for our family. We added some chips and we were all set.

We brought our nieces along with our boys and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Tayden loves playing in the sand, he was content with building castles and houses all day. T and my niece Liyah loved boogie boarding and also did some paddle boarding. Miah (my older niece) loved laying on the blanket in the canopy reading magazines and hanging out. It was really really hot and the water was so warm and nice. It was the perfect beach day!

Next holiday, dont be scared to step out of your comfort zone and do something different from time to time. You might surpise yourself and enjoy it more than you think. I shared some pictures from our day below. I don't have too many because we were just hanging out and enjoying ourselves. I also shared some links to where I get a lot of the boys swim trunks and swim gear for very affordable prices.



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