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Friday, July 7, 2017

Tayden's 3rd Birthday Pics

I know, I know, I am finally posting some pics from Tayden's 3rd birthday party. I love throwing parties for the kids. I really enjoy seeing my kids and their friends having a good time enjoying themselves. For Tayden's party, we rented out the children's before hours and had a construction themed birthday party. I love the children's museum here but the issue I always have is when it's crowded it is always hard for the little kids to have any room to play. At his party it was so nice seeing all the kids having free reign and able to play with whatever they wanted to play with.

Before sharing some pics, I want to share some tips for throwing an epic kids party:

1. Find the venue first: I think that theme is dependent on the venue you find. Even though you may have a theme in mind, sometimes it just won't work if you can't find the perfect venue.

2. Pinterest is your best friend! Once you find your theme, Pinterest can help you flesh out all the details you like and would like to replicate. If nothing else, it gives you a good starting point.

3. Etsy is great for custom pieces that will help take your party to the next level. I always get custom t-shirts made and little extras like custom cupcake toppers, party favor bags, etc...

4. When all else fails DIY, if you can't find what you are looking for don't be scared to DIY. Sometimes the best focal points of the parties are the things that you made for the parties. Not only does it add a custom feel to your party, it also saves you a lot of money.

 SN: Can't believe my baby is already three!!!

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